2016 Glover Foundation Backyard Barbecue

Thank you to everyone who made the Glover Foundation Backyard Barbecue a success!

With your help we were able to raise $33,160 for the Glover Foundation at the 2016 Backyard Barbecue. Thank you to all who donated and attended this year's event. And congratulations to our scholarship recipient, Lillian Banas.

Joel T. Glover
Jim and Elaine Colgan
Margaret Pendleton
Beverly Reuter and Pamela Vickerson
Gary Annoni
Edmund and Barbara Smith
Betty Fountain
Greg Zive
Patricia Cafferata, Esq
Kenneth Kalkwarf
Linda Clift
Susan Fountain
Jeanette Belz / Bill Nagel
Daniel Carpenter
Dave and Jeannine Funk
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Scott
Robert Thalgott
Jeanne B Ireland
Handelin Family
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence
M. Fujioka
Ernesto and Jill Diaz
John and Nancy Edmundson
Eric and Jan Anderson
Sydney Winkel
Vicki Reviglio
Joe and Penny Mayer
Mardee and Dan Sprayberry
Joni B Abel
Todd and Susie Fountain
Sally and Ross De Lipkau
Bill and Sally Clements
Nick A. Furchner
Dean F. Person
Molly Rob Dearing
Diann and Larry Tiller
Chris Tiller
Bob and Dianne Barone
Herbert and Susan Nichols
Joann Arnoldsen
Thomas and Nancy Brasfield
Ronald and Loucinda Bushick
John and Mary Stephens
James and Julie Jones
Gary and Judy Williams
Becky and Bob Talley
Jon and Linda Madsen
John and Jane Gilbert
Tom Fountain
Michael Kimmel
John and Jeffie DiGrazia
Mary Glover
Brice Shoolroy
Suzanne and Doug Aiton
Jeff Luckey and Family
Tony Clements
Mike O’Gara
Mike and Chris O’Gara
Elizabeth and David Garcia
Pete and Sue DiGrazia
Marvis Green
Lucille Farmer
Tom and Irmin Clark
Pat Herring
George and Janet Parigini
Kristen and David Mayer
Janet and Vernon Burrows
Katie and Martin Legarza
Carlos and Susan Concha
Dan Clausen and Jim Clausen
Press and Delores Clewe
Joanne Haines Brian and Kim Young
Lynn Carasali
Arnie and Tracy Pitts
Weedie and Tom Pitts
Neil and Betty Nunokawa
Bob and Nancy Cashell
Scott F Beasley
Jerry Sawyer and Rhonda Shoolroy
Christina and Scott Heitzenrader
Russell and Ardyth Browne
Kathleen Noneman
Robin and Ron Tingley
Karen H. Escabar
Edward Allison
Kendall and John Wilson
Robert and Cheryl Eikelberger
Roger and Shari Ashby
Tom and Michaelle Rafferty
Dennis and Anna Farnessi
Anne and Bruce Pendleton
Neil and Cami Prenn
Steve and Gretchen Patton
Flip Wright
Karen and Don Zundell
Catherine Oppio
Gerald and Susan Hartman
Kevin and Michele C. Sullivan
Leo and Diane Seevers
Bill and Sarah Ligon
Steve and Lynda Robinson
Chris and Alecia Eikelberger
Tony and Amanda Mattioli
Kyle and Amber Aiton
John and Janis Mayer
Sue Barry

Thank you to our dedicated board members

Doug Aiton
Roger Ashby
Shari Ashby
Bob Barone
Dan Clausen
Jeffie DiGrazia
Mary Glover Joel T. Glover
Mike Kimmel
Mike Kinnison
Joe Mayer
Tuko McKernan
Mike O’Gara Bruce Pendleton
Chris Tiller
Larry Tiller
Curtis Worrall
Flip Wright